About Us

It’s not often someone decides to start a media business (of all things) in the middle of a global pandemic (of all things), but here we are. Snapshot News is officially here and ready to deliver bite-sized content to your inbox each and every day of the week.

So, what is Snapshot News?

We envision being a place where you can get daily insight into the biggest and most important tech and business stories of the day. On Thursdays, we’ll give the same treatment to the gaming industry. And on Fridays, you can count on us to deliver weekly reviews of movies, television shows, and video games. We might even toss in some tech reviews here and there.

Best of all, our content will be delivered to your inbox, so you don’t need to waste time trying to find us on the Internet.

Speaking of wasting time, that’s the one thing we don’t want to do. So, when you get our newsletters each day (or each week), you’ll find they’re short on the words, but heavy on context. In just a few minutes, we’ll provide you all the insight you need to know what’s happening that day — and why it matters.

To deliver that content to you, we’re compiling a team of outstanding writers and subject matter experts to ensure our “takes” are solid. If you’re looking for just headlines and straight news, you won’t find it here. Our Snapshot team wants to curate the news, all while giving you some perspective. It’s a lost art in the writing world and it’s one we want to bring back.

We’re starting with e-mail now, but our ultimate goal is to build a community with open dialogue between our team and our readers. We hope to expand the kinds of content we deliver to you over time as that community grows.

Until then, we invite you to subscribe to Snapshot newsletters, enjoy our content, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, to let us know at our Contact page.

Welcome to Snapshot.